Surveys are the perfect tools to gauge customers, employees, or even public opinions related to a specific issue or a brand. The survey format and its design play a pivotal role in ensuring greater engagement and an enhanced response rate. 
A research study with an appealing questionnaire design is very much necessary to determine readability, engagement, and interaction.

Organizations understand that their employees are unique and so are their experiences. They, therefore, want and need the ability to track indicators for work culture and employee experiences over time. For too long organizations have been reactionary. Real-time monitoring of data arms HR professionals and business leaders to get in front of the challenges and opportunities. This is important especially if its a gap or a risk that needs immediate attention….

We all talk about employee engagement, employee experience, culture and a lot of other things. Is it a new principle, is it an old principle that’s been rebranded? How many organizations practice it, have adopted it? I heard something new at a conference, is it old already? What does it all mean? What’s hot and what’s not in today’s world of work?
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If staying away from your computer or no internet connection is the reason for not conducting polls, then think twice. You do have an option to use an offline poll app on your android and iOS devices to gather the opinion of masses on the go. The offline poll app makes it easier for you to collect feedback or opinions, even if there is no internet connectivity.

When it comes to surveys, high response rates typically depend on these seven checkpoints:

How well surveys are written for their target audience
The length of a survey – short vs. long
The respondent profile type – who are these people? B2B vs B2C
The number of responses required
The experience of taking the survey – how easy it is to complete it on various devices
How the survey is sent
When the survey invitation is sent

In a world where we compete for the attention of our respondents, how and when we send survey invitations impacts the results….

Secure your data and adhere to the laws of privacy and protection
Is your company collecting customer data and feedback daily? Are you looking for a readily available software infrastructure to help integrate and automate this process? And most importantly, do you require this data to be compliant with the privacy policies of your country and be hosted within your region or on-premise?
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